• For just over 20 years, communities have been organizing One Book One Community programs. Created by the American Library Association, One Book programs encourage communities to read a particular book and then engage with one another around it. We are excited to announce through the efforts of a core group of organizations the One Book program has come to Lewes.

    This year’s book is Jennifer Ackerman’s Birds by the Shore, a 2019 republication of her iconic Notes from the Shore that she wrote while living here for three years in the early 90s. This book is a ready invitation to get out into nature – to not just think about these concepts in our favorite reading chair or only talk about them indoors. It is our goal over the next few months to connect readers with opportunities to engage directly with nature – to feel and experience the kinds of things that inspired Jennifer’s book.

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    Dear Reader,
    What a thrill and an honor to have Birds by the Shore, my book about the natural life in and around the Delaware Beaches, selected for Lewes’ first ever one-city-one-book program! I love the city of Lewes, coastal ecology, migratory birds, nature books, and nature art, and am so happy and proud to be part of an event that wraps them all together in such imaginative and exciting ways to deepen public understanding of the natural world.

    I came to Lewes as an outsider, unfamiliar with the ecology and natural history of the area but determined to explore it and gain some knowledge of its riches. Birds by the Shore is the result of that exploration. In many ways, it is a love letter to the marshes, woodlands, and beaches, the plants and animals, of the region.

    Now more than ever, it’s important for those of us who love nature—bird, butterflies, benthic organisms—to try to understand its exquisite ways, revere them, and work together to preserve them. This event is a wonderful way in to this vital and exciting endeavor, and I can’t wait to join the celebration.

    Jennifer Ackerman

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